With so many shapes and colors, what is not to like? Join the 1000s of collectors who seek out antique bottles for their collections.


Spotlight on ink

pickle Start small with ink bottles and inkwells. Collector William Covill documented almost 2000 examples in his Ink Bottles and Inwells book. Many other mold and color variants have since been discovered.

Antique Bottle Basics

Start with color and condition and add a sprinkling of what-the-heck-was-this-bottle-originally-used-for. That is as good a starting point as any for unraveling the details of the "bottleologist."
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Antique bottle collecting history

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Bottle facts

There is immense variety and many thousands of different shapes, sizes and colors of antique bottles. Glass bottles were first blown in the mideast in the x century although the greatest variety were created from the mid 19th to mid 20th centuries. Even bottles produced in the 1950s and 1960s are collectible and potentially very valuable. The top price paid for an antique bottle is in the range of $65,000.
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